Coopération Active et Potentiel

CAP is a project that aims to develop entrepreneurial skills of young people who are socially excluded or of those with fewer opportunities through the cooperative model of youth initiatives, already successfully implemented in Canada.

Target Groups

Young people who are being socially excluded or have fewer opportunities due to their place of residence (rural areas) or due to nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities.


Youth Workers or any other expert in the field of youth who would like to update their practices with innovative material.

The Cooperative Model of youth initiatives

It is a model originated in Canada (Quebec). Its innovative and collaborative methodology allows young people to develop the knowledge and skills to act for society by establishing their own initiatives.

The aim of the CAP project is to create a European cooperative model of youth initiative by using the Canadian model as its reference and by adjusting it based on national and local particularities.

Project Results

PR1 - Toolbox

PR2 - Escape Game

PR3 - Platform


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