About the Project

Project aims

  • To improve young people’s (social) entrepreneurial skills
  • To improve young people’s soft skills (teamwork, critical thinking, self-confidence, problem-solving etc.)
  • To help young people find or regain a place in society
  • To become socially active, independent and active for the common good.


There is an urging need to develop entrepreneurship for young people all around the world and one of the most innovative means, for which there is not much European literature, is the model of the youth initiative cooperative. The Canadian model will serve as a point of reference, with the objective of transposing and adapting the methodology and creating a European cooperative model of youth initiatives. The main result is to offer young people an opportunity to take back control, find or regain a place in society, and fully benefit from social inclusion.

Target Groups

  • Direct Target groupYoung people that suffer from social exclusion (mainly because of living in rural areas) and young people with fewer opportunities due to nationality, sexual orientation, handicap.
  • Indirect Target groupsYouth workers
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